Welcome to Adams’ Travels!

Hi and welcome!

First, I’m not a blogger, writer, editor and computers can send my blood pressure through the ozone layer.  I am, however, a part time travel agent and a former consultant for a company that for years led the way in scrapbooking.  Sadly, that company no longer exists in its original form, so I and they have moved on.  I still scrapbook (both traditionally and digitally) and a lot of what I put in my books are pictures from our trips.  I love taking pictures and occasionally get a photo that turns out well.  I will be posting pictures from travels here as well as digital scrapbook pages and other items created with the software.

I use Panstoria Historian Software for photo organization and editing and Panstoria Artisan software for digital scrapbook.  I’ve used both programs for years (they were both formerly sold by the company above under a different name.)  I highly recommend both programs if you are in need of software.

If you are interested in the travel portion, I can help with that as well.  I primarily book family leisure trips. I have specialization certification  in several different areas (Disney, cruises.)  I am an independent agent of Dugan’s Travels, a network of over 600 agents spread out around the US and Canada.  This group allows me access to  a huge database of information  that helps me find  the best vacation experience for you at the best price. If price is your only concern, please move along.  You may be  able to get a cheaper rate on one of the online travel sites and if that is your top priority, please use them.  If you want to make sure all the details are taken care of, you have all the information you need for your trip, someone available to help if there is a problem while getting a good rate, then please contact me.  You can reach me via email at adamstravels@tds.net 

Thanks for stopping by.  More items will be added as I can get to them!


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